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Outline of ICPT -Propose-

Today, as technological innovation rushes forward in all industries, new technology is constantly being created throughout the world. Particle technology is attracting a great deal of attention as a basic technology that supports and stimulates many other realms of advancement. Most materials and intermediate substances used in making new products such as fine ceramics, high-tech metal materials, high molecular and composite materials, and semiconductor materials are comprised of particles.

It was only recently that we moved from an age in which we used grain, limestone and iron ore as materials in their natural or processed state to an era in which we seek ever- higher levels of technological capability, by developing materials and creating artificial substances. In this modern age, great hopes for technological innovation have been placed on particle technology, the scientific discipline of research on particles from all aspects. Because technology for developing new materials is essential for future industrial growth, scientists and technical experts worldwide are vying in their research on particle technology. Nevertheless it is generally difficult to obtain literature on this discipline. In addition, researchers at various institutes and enterprises in Japan are separately conducting research and development, which is leaving Japan behind in the urgent task of developing new materials.

Against this backdrop, under the cooperation of The Society of Powder Technology, Japan and The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN, The Information Center of Particle Technology, Japan was established on August 29, 1985 with the sponsorship of the former Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd., and Nisshin Engineering Co., Ltd., with the objective of contributing to the development of particle technology and powder engineering in Japan. Towards this end the Center gathers and analyzes data obtained from around the world in cooperation with industrial and academic circles, and provides information and materials for scientists and corporate engineers engaged in particle technology research and development and assists them in their work

Hiroshi Murata (President)

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